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Ava Returns

Beautiful dark skinned amateur Ava tried out for a job as a dancer in a rap music video not too long ago and things went really well…so well in fact taht they’ve called her up for round two here on Casting Couch HD and she was definitely up for a repeat visit, especially when she slips out of her clothes (keeping her high heels on), getting her legs up in the air and taking the casting director Chris’s big black cock in that perfect bubble butt of hers! Ava loves anal sex and loves getting filled up with cock so this was the perfect opportunity to take care of both those things at once.


If you’re in the mood for a beautiful Ebony amateur, Ava here has got what you need…she’s fun, sexy, and man that body will leave your jaw hanging on the ground after she’s done with you! She’s here on Casting Couch HD to audition for a job as a dancer in a rap music video and with those big juicy titties and sexy spankable fuckable ass she’s got the body for the job for sure…and when she strips down nude and goes to work sucking the casting director off you can see she’s got the attitude for it too! Too bad there is no rap video; it’s just a way to get this horny hot amateur naked and fucked on camera but man, Ava kills it today!


This girl Lexy has a slightly exotic look of Asian to her and is smokin hot from head to toe, and is here to try her hand auditioning for a job dancing in a rap music video! Times are hard out there for a model so Lexy’s gotta grab for whatever jobs she can get her mitts on, and if that means also getting naked and sucking a dick and getting fucked then so be it! That’s especially the case when the casting director has a huge thick black dick like this guy from Casting Couch HD does lol…and soon Lexy is naked and getting that tight pussy fucked, bouncing her perfect ass around as she takes a deep dicking and ends up with a load of cum on her perky tits!

Marilyn Returns

Amateur hottie Marilyn is a super sexy blonde who has been here in the studio once before auditioning for a job as a rap music video dancer, and she was invited back for a second audition just so they could make sure she has what it takes…and she was definitely more than happy to show back up and get her hands on that big black cock again, sucking the casting director off and then spreading her legs for him! She’s got long legs, nice tits, and a super sexy ass…and that butt of hers comes into play in a big way as she takes a deep anal pounding by that bbc here before getting a creampie!


This girl Ivy has tried out for a job as a calendar app model before but today she’s auditioning to be in a rap music video…and she knows she’s definitely got the ass for the job as she slips out of her clothes and gets her hands on the cameraman’s big black cock! Soon she’s got that perfect butt up in the air to get fucked doggystyle, then spreading her legs wide taking every inch of dick in her hole for Casting Couch HD until she gets a big creamy load of cum blasted all over her face and chest…if you’re a fan of super hot Ebony amateurs getting fucked and looking amazing, Ivy’s your girl!


This girl Marilyn is stuck not being able to hang out with a bunch of friends and stuff but that’s not gonna stop her from making a few bucks, namely by getting a job as a dancer in a rap music video…so she headed here to the studio and is showing off those perky boobies and perfect butt on Casting Couch HD! This girl has long legs, a fun personality, and she can even sing…and of course she fucks like a freight train, getting that tight little pussy pounded by the casting director’s big black cock in this hot hardcore shoot before she takes a load of cum in the mouth to swallow.


Sofi here is a super cute dark haired amateur with big brown eyes, perky titties, and an ass to die for! If you’re stuck at home that means it’s the perfect time to check out this horny hot chick as she strips down to audition for a job in a music video…but of course it’s all just a way to get this girl naked and fucked on camera for Casting Couch HD as she takes the director’s big black cock for a ride! If you dig cute fair skinned chicks with big perfect round asses getting naked and getting their pussies filled up with big dark dick, this is the perfect opportunity so sit back and watch Sofi fuck the day away!


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We’ve seen this gorgeous slender Latina babe Lily auditioning on some of the other network sites but today she’s here to try out as a dancer in a rap music video, putting that tight little ass to work as she shakes it in her purple dress! Soon she’s got her panties down around her ankles though as she reaches for the Casting Couch HD cameraman’s big black cock, sucking him off and then laying back to get her pussy eaten out and fingered and fucked in a red hot scene…this girl is a serious knockout with her dark smooth skin, perky boobies, and of course that super cute butt as she gets fucked and takes a load of cum on her chest!


This girl Elle is a super cute submissive with long legs and a ton of sexual energy…and she’s here to put it to work as she auditions for a job as a dancer in a rap music video! She doesn’t do a whole lot of dancing unless you count bouncing around as she rides on top of the casting director’s big black dick here on Casting Couch HD, but she’s certainly having a good time and man she looks amazing. Check out this amateur leggy sub hottie as she gets fucked deep, ending up with a load of cum in her mouth to swallow!