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Jessi Returns

This slender sexy blonde with tons of tattoos is Jessi and she auditioned not long ago for a job as a dancer in a rap music video…the audition went well although it just ended up wtih her getting fucked by the cameraman’s big black cock but hey, she sure seemed satisfied with how things ended up lol! Well, it turns out they had ‘missed a few angles’ so she was invited back to Casting Couch HD and we see her today getting naked and getting fucked again, looking hot as hell stretching those sexy legs out wide to get her pussy drilled as deep as possible!


Meet Jenna, a super cute amateur with a ton of tattoos covering a super hot body…she’s not the usual look you see in a rap music video but hey she’s wicked hot and has nice pert firm tits and a great ass, so she’s here to show off and shake that butt and hopefully get this job! Jenna knows she’s gotta go above and beyond here on Casting Couch HD so she starts sucking the cameraman off, then takes his bbc in her tight little pink pussy to get fucked hard and deep in this sexy shoot…it’s a great audition and if the music video actually existed she’d have a good chance of getting the gig lol!


Jessi here is a super cute blonde with a tight slender body and some tattoos, and she’s here to audition for a job as a dancer in a rap music video…she knows she doesn’t exactly have the traditional hiphop body but she’s down to do whatever it takes to show she’s got what it takes, and soon she’s slipped out of her clothes and is going to work on Chris’s big black cock in this Casting Couch HD update! Jessi sucks that big dick and spreads her legs to get fucked, taking that cock deep in her pussy from every angle and ending up wtih a load of cum pumped right into her mouth to swallow!


This chick Jiselle is a hot black amateur with big natural tits and if that isn’t enough to already make you want to open up the video and check it out and then join up as a member I don’t know what is! Jiselle is here auditioning for a job as a dancer in a rap music video and she’s ready to do whatever it takes, including getting those big juicy boobs out and getting tittyfucked, then spreading her legs and riding on top taking that hard dick deep in her horny wet hole…just don’t tell her there IS no actual rap music video, it’s more fun just to watch her in this hot audition am I right?

Cindy Returns

Curvy amateur Cindy is back for round two of her music video auditions and today she’s really going for it…she already got those big tits out and got her tight horny wet pussy fucked last time and today she’s getting even more of that bbc, and she’s taking it up the ass too! Anal sex with a big black cock like this cameraman is swinging around is a challenge but she manages to get that cock shoved all the way inside her backdoor and is loving it as he fucks her ass, holding on to those big bouncy titties as they jiggle around with every thrust here on Casting Couch HD…enjoy!


If you’re into curvy tattooed hot amateurs, Adrianna has got you covered in a big way here today as she tries out for this job as a dancer in a rap music video…she’s got cute perky boobies, a big juicy booty that looks great shaking around as she twerks for the camera, and of course a tight little horny pussy that gets filled up with big black cock as she gets fucked in this Casting Couch HD update! She sucks cock like a pro, gets on her elbows with that big ass in the air to get fucked doggystyle, takes a deep anal pounding, then gets a load of cum in her mouth to swallow down!


Cindy is a super cute blonde amateur with some amazing curves and she looked sexy in her tight little denim shorts…but even better after she slipped out of them and went to work on the casting director Chris’s big black cock! She sucks dick like a champ and gives that big meat a going-over using her lips and tongue and hands, then spreads her legs to get fucked here on Casting Couch HD…she wants this job as a dancer as a rap music video something fierce I guess! Cindy is pulling out all the stops as she gets that tight pussy pounded in this hot shoot, getting her big round juicy ass in the air to get fucked doggystyle and then taking a load of cum in the mouth to swallow!


Beautiful exotic amateur Yasmin is here to audition for a job as a dancer in a rap music video, and she knows enough about the modeling industry that she realizes she’s gotta pull out all the stops to get this job…so she slips off her dress and dances around in her sexy little white thong, showing that cute ass of hers and then taking the casting director’s huge black dick for a blowjob here on Casting Couch HD! After sucking him off she spreads her legs, taking that bbc deep into her horny tight hole and getting fucked deep before he pops a load of cum right into her mouth to swallow!

Ari Returns

This curvy sexy exotic cutie Ari is back and this time she’s dyed her hair orangeish instead of a brunette like last time…she’s here to get a few angles they missed the first time apparently; Chris tells her things went great and she’s still in the running for this job as a dancer in a rap music video but I think she might have caught on to the fact that this is just a way to get hot horny amateurs like her naked and fucked on camera lol! Casting Couch HD has brought this sexy drink of water back to get those big full boobs of hers out as she goes to work again on Chris’s bbc, sucking him off and riding on top bouncing up and down and then ending up with a load of cum in her mouth to swallow down!

Alex Anal

Alex here just can’t seem to get enough dark meat, and from the looks of things she’s gotten into kind of a crush on this dude Jonte am I right? She’s back for more ‘angles that were missed’ and today she just goes right for it, sucking off that big swinging dark dick and then spreading her legs to get fucked…but she’s not satisfied with just her pussy getting pounded, she wants that bbc in her ass too! That’s right, Alex is getting into some anal sex here on Casting Couch HD and I can’t believe she even fit that cock in her pussy much less her backdoor…but she’s determined and ends up rewarded for her efforts with a deep hard anal pounding and then a cum facial to finish things off!