Author - MrHD


Sometimes you’ve just gotta have a little extra cushion in the caboose, and that’s where this sexy horny Latina named Valentina comes in! She showed up at the Casting Couch HD studio looking to bag a job as a backup dancer in a hiphop video and when you see that she’s got all kinds of curves going on you just know she’s down for some booty shakin’. Sure enough, she starts twerking her way into Chris’s heart and into his pants too as he unzips and feeds her his big black cock, then bends her over to fuck that pussy from behind!


This horny curvy 20 year old babe Bonnie wouldn’t exactly be my first choice if there was an actual backup dancer gig open for a hiphop music video…fortunately that is all made up anyway by the fake casting director in this Casting Couch HD update as he talks her into showing off her ‘dance moves’ before she strips down to show what she’s working with under that sexy little dress! Turns out she’s got nice titties and a bodacious bouncy booty and she can suck cock like a champ! Chris pounds her face and then her sweet hairy pussy with his big black cock before giving her a nice facial to remember her audition by, since she won’t be getting a callback anytime soon.


Celeste is a big booty hoe that wasn’t to sure about doing a casting video in some guys condo. Once she heard about who this video was being shot for sure was full steam ahead trying to get the job. Like a lot of other girls when the guy doing the casting suggests that if she sleeps with him she will get the job she caves and gets on her knees and starts sucking on his big black cock. This girl has a beautiful fat ass and a amazing tight pussy so tight in fact that she just can’t take a hard pounding for a long time because well she just too damn time. She isn’t a girl that would would face fuck or anything because those teeth man, they scare me LOL!

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